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Toolbox - Workpackages

Whether you are working for example in an international organisation, a governmental or non-governmental body, a think tank, or a research institute and are looking for relevant partners in international projects, HEUNI is able to provide expertise on various questions related to criminal policy. For example;


It depends on what you are looking at. Our unique compilation of comparable data on offences, perpetrators, prosecuted cases, convictions and sanctions aggregated by gender and age in 41 European countries for the years 2007-2011, shows how the police deal with crime, what decisions are made by prosecutors and how many offenders are convicted. See more at Collection and analysis of crime statistics


Yes it can! Our innovative research on recruitment practices and the roles of recruitment agencies and employers in the exploitation of migrant labour (in Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania) shows that information and awareness-raising are key to the prevention of exploitation and trafficking. See more at Qualitative research and Guidelines.

WHAT IS THE IMPORTANCE OF TRUST IN THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM? Why do people obey the law? Despite the prevalent belief, it is not because they fear being punished if they break the law, but because they believe that the law and the way it is administered is fair. The way that people are treated by the criminal justice system is crucial for strengthening “trust-based" criminal policy, and in this way improving the efficiency and fairness of criminal justice. HEUNI has developed indicators for the assessment of public confidence in criminal justice and fear of crime. See more at Indicators and cost estimates.

The packages contained in HEUNI’s toolbox are meant as examples of possible collaboration, depending on the services needed. Our tools can be tailored according to the circumstances and needs within a given context.

HEUNI’s tools advance the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Published 1.3.2017