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Preventing Human Trafficking and Sham Marriages: A Multidisciplinary Solution

2015 - 2016

HEUNI participated in 2015-2016 in a project entitled “Preventing human trafficking and sham marriages – A multidisciplinary solution".

The objectives of the Project were to create a shared understanding of a new, evolving form of trafficking in human beings through sham marriages, provide a precise definition of sham marriages as a form of human trafficking, and initiate comprehensive action for its prevention. HEUNI’s main tasks were: to develop the research methodology, to attend the national roundtables in different countries involved in the project, to publish a research report and to participate in the development of training material.

The coordinator of the Project was the Latvian Ministry of Interior and the partners were HEUNI, Shelter “Safe House" (a Latvian NGO), Living for Tomorrow (an Estonian NGO), Lithuanian Caritas, Immigrant Council of Ireland and the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic.

The Project was funded by the European Commission’s Programme Prevention of and Fight against Crime (ISEC targeted call for proposals on THB).

For more information:

Anni Lietonen: [email protected]

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