We specialize in tackling labour exploitation and preventing human rights risks in local supply chains

Cases of labour exploitation in supply chains and subcontracting are continuously uncovered around the world, and also in Europe, Scandinavia and in Finland. Companies have a responsibility to prevent the negative impacts caused by their operations and supply chains, including labour exploitation, and protect the vulnerable workers in their operations and supply chains.

All businesses have a responsibility to respect human rights. Today, sustainability is a prerequisite for any business activity. Companies are under increasing scrutiny from consumers, media, civil society, investors and governments to behave responsibly. Individual countries as well as the EU have introduced or are planning to introduce binding legislation for businesses to respect human rights and implement human rights due diligence. Labour exploitation can happen anywhere. Subcontracting and supply chains can hide and facilitate exploitative working conditions. In the worst-case scenario, legitimate business structures and lengthy supply chains may reveal serious forms of exploitation or even human trafficking. Proactive businesses can mitigate such risks by engaging in risk management, adopting clear strategies to tackle exploitation as well as by conducting workplace inspections and worker interviews.

Why work with HEUNI?

HEUNI has researched labour exploitation and trafficking in human beings for well over a decade. We have published materials and toolkits to tackle labour exploitation in local supply chains in the Finnish and European context and have provided several companies with concrete support and guidance to support their processes to manage risks regarding labour exploitation of vulnerable workers. We also work with public procurement bodies to ensure that labour exploitation does not occur when public funds are used.

What we offer:

  • We can help you assess the risks of your operations and supply chain and help you create your own processes to prevent, identify and address labour exploitation.
  • We organize trainings for companies and employees on understanding the risks of labour exploitation, identifying possible exploitation and what to do if problems occur. We can also develop tailor-made solutions and sessions for your needs, including to design strategies and support management in tackling human rights concerns.
  • Our tools and guidance help you to implement due diligence. Our work is research-based and in tailoring solutions for your needs, we utilize our lengthy expertise and experience from having worked with companies and public procurement agencies to tackle labour exploitation.

Do you want to know more?

Please contact: Saara Haapasaari, Sustainability specialist, 
+358 50 476785[email protected]