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Introducing HEUNI's updated strategy

31.1.2024 | News item

HEUNI unveils its latest strategic roadmap, building on our four decades of work. In a world marked by unprecedented challenges – the recent pandemic, climate change, and societal polarization – HEUNI remains committed to facilitating informed decision-making in criminal justice policies.

Building upon the foundation of our previous operational strategy (2020–2023), our new roadmap outlines clear objectives and actionable steps to bolster HEUNI's substantive engagement and operational efficiency.

HEUNI’s work and this strategy are guided by the ethos of HEUNI’s founder, Professor Inkeri Anttila, who emphasized respect for human values and rational decision-making in crime prevention and criminal justice. We are also inspired by her poignant belief that criminologists should not sit in their chambers, thinking wise thoughts, but should instead actively engage in societal discussion for the improvement of policies and practices.

Our research is human rights based and takes into consideration gender, age, and various positions of vulnerability. We are aware of our privileged position when engaging with vulnerable or marginalized groups and are mindful not to contribute to their vulnerability or marginalization.

To implement the strategy, we will continue to expand on our strengths, and at the same time explore new openings that are related to our key areas of expertise.

Join us in shaping a safer, more just society. Stay tuned for updates on our strategic initiatives.