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I came to learn; I became closer to a professional - HEUNI is the perfect place to grow and learn.

27.12.2021 | News item

It is fascinating to see how what has been taught at the University is transforming into a real-life experience at work. In university education, you learn a lot, but the reality and substance knowledge used in practice awaits at your workplace. At HEUNI, I wrote web articles, created various visual content for the website and social media, edited and hosted the HEUNI Anniversary podcast’s first two episodes, contacted journalists, and helped to organize events online and offline.

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I graduat ed with a Bachelor of Political Science from Åbo Akademi University in the fall of the year 2020; I had already worked for one year after my graduation, but it was not until my internship at HEUNI that I received a touch of the reality that happens, not behind the closed doors, but in front of my own eyes. At HEUNI, they let you be yourself, give you all the tools for learning new programs and subjects, and more importantly, they are open to new ideas and recommendations – they let you grow and learn. 


At HEUNI, I mainly worked with the projects related to such topics as gender-based violence, labour exploitation, access to justice, and the rule of law. I learned about victims’ experiences and their challenges in getting access to justice; how labour exploitation happens in a plain sight, and how hard it can be for the victims to receive work after leaving a company using labour exploitation. It helped me to realize how much we need to work towards a democratic and fair society that respects human rights. It made my time at HEUNI significant, necessary, and one of the most eye-opening experiences. 

Now it is my time to return to Åbo Akademi University to graduate with a Master of Social Sciences. The knowledge I internalized, the skills I learned, and the tips from colleagues I received will help me in my studies and my next workplace. 

Thank you everyone from HEUNI for being so supportive, open-minded, and particularly huge thanks to Director Dr Natalia Ollus and Communications Officer Aleksandra Anikina for having the trust to recruit me and take me on board. 

Kasper Kannosto was a Communications Intern at HEUNI and received a promotion of Communications Assistant after fulfilling an internship of three months. Kasper worked from August 2021 till December 2021. 
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