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Mapping Risks to Migrant Workers in Supply Chains in Europe

Published in 2023
Anna-Greta Pekkarinen, Saara Haapasaari, Anniina Jokinen, Anni Lietonen, Natalia Ollus

The report was produced by HEUNI as a result of their project in collaboration with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Regional Office for EEA, EU, and NATO. The project was part of their effort to sustain and scale private sector engagement to protect migrant workers in Europe. HEUNI conducted four regional mappings on sector-specific risks to migrant workers in European supply chain contexts in the sectors of agriculture, food processing, hospitality, and manufacturing.

The purpose of HEUNI’s four regional mappings was to gain a deeper understanding of the risks, gaps, and good practices related to protecting migrant workers, as well as the roles of both private and public sectors. HEUNI's findings were intended to inform and support businesses in advancing the rights of migrant workers in a wider European context. The report used information on the differences between different European regions and approaches to due diligence, corporate governance, and supply chains to identify ways to support businesses in their work concerning migrant workers’ rights.

Economic crime Human trafficking Labour exploitation