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Mechanisms of Memory, trauma-centered criminal justice system and new investigation techniques – hot topics in leading Finnish media

11.3.2022 | News item

Julia Korkman, HEUNI’s senior programme officer, expert and adjunct professor in legal psychology was interviewed on the prime time Puoli seitsemän show by the Finnish Broadcasting Company.

The discussion revolved around the mechanisms of memory, how the understanding of trauma and its effect on memory is crucial for developing investigation procedures and further assistance for victims. Julia focused, among other issues, on the importance of improving the situation for victims of crimes, including child victims.   

Watch the full-programme (in Finnish)

Julia Korkman was interviewed also by MTV3 about the newly launched handbook for investigating crimes against children and the importance of assessing the best interests of the child. The handbook brings ready-made operating models for investigating suspicions of child abuse based on the latest research data. As police investigative resources are strained, investigating crimes against children and prioritizing cases can be particularly difficult for an investigator.

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