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How to write a PhD with peer support: Follow this model, and the introduction to your article-based dissertation will (almost) write itself

Published in 2023
Elsa Saarikkomäki, Natalia Ollus

ISBN 978-952-7249-74-1 (PDF), ISSN 2814-9106 (online)

Elsa Saarikkomäki and Natalia Ollus launch a method which they have developed for writing the summary/introduction section of an article-based dissertation. The article presents a concrete model, which includes instructions for fourteen peer meetings. The model is based on their own experiences writing the summaries of our article-based dissertations. They emphasize the benefits of peer support for the writing process, and the article seeks to inspire collaboration in the process of writing a paper. The article is aimed at doctoral researchers, supervisors and persons interested in the development of university education.


This article is originally published in: Saarikkomäki, Elsa & Ollus, Natalia (2018). Vertaistuella tohtoriksi: tällä mallilla artikkeliväitöskirjan yhteenveto syntyy (melkein) kuin itsestään. University Pedagogy Journal.