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5.5.2022 | News item

Improving Criminal Justice Responses to Internet-Related Crimes Against Children 16.05.2022 14.00–16.00

This interactive workshop will examine some of the latest international evidence that is helping to improve criminal justice responses to internet-related crimes against children. Six short presentations will showcase research that explores different ways in which online child sexual abuse is being addressed. These will include an examination of the legal approaches to online child sexual abuse, approaches to investigating online child sexual abuse, and new technology to assist the investigation of such crimes against children.

Registration here.

Presentations include:

  • Legal assessments of the severity of online child sexual abuse by Dr Malin Joleby, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
  • The role of the international community in enhancing effective prevention and response to the abuse and exploitation of children in illegal activities with the use of the internet by Dr Alexandra Martins, UNODC, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Austria
  • Adapting investigative interviewing with children to the reality of online child sexual abuse cases: Towards victim-sensitive, evidence-based and effective investigations by Dr Julia Korkman, HEUNI, the European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, President-elect, European Association of Psychology and Law
  • Using financial information to detect livestreaming of child sexual abuse by Dr Timothy Cubitt, Australian Institute of Criminology, Australia
  • AI for Safer Children: Artificial Intelligence combating sexual exploitation and abuse of children online by Mr Irakli Beridze, UNICRI - United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, Italy
  • Developing automated methods to detect and match face and voice biometrics in child sexual abuse videos by Dr Russell Brewer, University of Adelaide, Australia and Dr Bryce Westlake, San Jose State University, USA


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