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Residence permits on humanitarian grounds – A means of protection for migrant victims of trafficking in the EU

Published in 2022

Humanitarian visas for victims of trafficking: policy brief exploring protection possibilities in the EU. During her research fellowship at HEUNI, Coralie Consigny questioned whether an improved system of humanitarian visas in the EU could offer a suitable protection to victims of human trafficking. In her policy brief, which is a continuation of her masters’ thesis research, she looks at shortcomings in the protection provided by the anti-trafficking legislation and investigates protection instruments available on humanitarian grounds in the 28 EU countries. Picking on some good examples, she suggests that cooperation at a EU level through benchmarking and an exchange of best practices could raise the overall standards of protection on humanitarian grounds.

Coralie Consigny is a journalist and researcher focused on environmental and social matters. She currently writes on the renewable energy industry for IJGlobal journal; while researching on asylum reception conditions in Cyprus for l’Observatoire du Camp de Réfugiés (O-CR). She is also a contributing journalist at Human Right Pulse. She has an LLM in International Law and Social Justice from University College London.