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RE-JUST. Towards a more responsive victim-centered approach of the criminal justice system

2020 - 2021

The project seeks to identify strategies and action plans to improve victims' access to justice. 

The final conference of the RE-JUST project will take place on the 17th of September, online. Professionals in the fields of law, criminology, and psychology will first discuss structural issues for developing more victim-centred criminal justice systems, such as legislation, multidisciplinary cooperation, and how to provide victims with information on their rights. Then, we move on to understand how trauma can manifest in the criminal justice system and how criminal justice actors can in practice provide justice in a trauma-informed manner. You can find the full programme here and sign up for the event using this link.

From the beginning of 2020 HEUNI will take part in an EU-funded project titled “Towards a more responsive victim-centered approach of the criminal justice system" (RE-JUST). The project is coordinated by Pro Refugiu Association from Romania and implemented in partnership with Center for the Study of Democracy from Bulgaria, Solwodi from Germany, Dinamia S. Coop. Mad from Spain, and HEUNI from Finland.

The project will contribute to enhancing a more victim-centered criminal justice system. The project seeks to identify strategies and action plans to improve victims' access to justice. Victims are often overlooked, as the criminal justice system tends to focus on legal aspects and on ensuring the rights of offenders. Victims have also rights in the criminal justice process, including that their voice must be heard and respected.

By targeting criminal justice practitioners, the project will enhance relevant institutions’ capacity to ensure a victim-centered approach in line with European standards. The project will also bring together stakeholders from various European regions, promoting transnational exchange of expertise.

Project objectives:

  • Assess promising practices on victim-centered approaches in the European criminal justice systems.
  • Build the capacity of key-stakeholders in the criminal justice system in order to promote the inclusion of trauma-responsive approach
  • Facilitate trans-national cooperation and dialogue among stakeholders from EU Member States.

Project activities:

  • Expert and stakeholder meetings, roundtables and conferences at the national and transnational level.
  • Assessing promising practices in judicial procedures in 5 EU Member States and complete national reports and a joint compendium on promising practices.
  • Create strategies/guidelines to ensure victims’ rights protection, and incorporate such strategies in to comprehensive action plans.

Project website:


“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Justice Programme (2014-2020) under grant agreement 875786 — RE-JUST — JUST-AG-2019/JUST-JACC-AG-2019"


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