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The costs of assisting victims of trafficking in human beings: a pilot study of services provided in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania

Published in 2017
Anni Lietonen, Natalia Ollus

Helsinki 2017. ISBN 978-952-7249-01-7, ISSN 1799-5590, ISSN-L 1237-4741. (51 pages). Web-publication only.

Human trafficking is a serious crime, and causes severe consequences for victims. Because of the often very traumatic exploitation and abuse involved, victims may need specialized assistance to recover from their experiences, and victim assistance requires the participation of health, social and/or legal sectors of society. This research focused on the types of services provided to victims of human trafficking in the three Baltic countries, the costs associated with such services, and the role of non-governmental organisations and municipalities in supporting victims. Increasing the understanding of the direct costs of assisting victims of trafficking aims to increase the understanding of the problem of trafficking among state and municipal actors, as well as increase awareness of the financial impact of trafficking on victims, service providers and the state. The study was a first attempt to map the costs of trafficking in the three Baltic countries. The pilot nature of this study required the development of specific research tools and methodology, all of which are included in the report.

Human trafficking Victim assistance