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Unseen Victims. Why Refugee Women Victims of Gender-Based Violence Do Not Receive Assistance in the EU

Published in 2020
Inka Lilja, Elina Kervinen, Anni Lietonen, Natalia Ollus, Minna Viuhko, Anniina Jokinen

Helsinki 2020. ISBN 978-952-7249-16-1 (nid.), ISBN 978-952-7249-17-8 (PDF), ISSN 1799-5590, ISSN-L 1237-4741. (100 pages).

The HEUNI report "Unseen Victims" presents the manifestations and consequences of gender-based violence and the challenges in assisting victims of violence in the migration context. With this report we aim to increase the understanding of policymakers on the structural challenges asylum-seeking and refugee women who have experienced gender-based violence face.

Access to justice Gender-based violence Victim assistance Victims of crime

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