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HEUNI also explores new avenues and visual techniques in communicating the results from e.g. research projects or other tasks. Particular attention is paid to summarising information and presenting it in a manner that takes into consideration the needs of the target audiences.

null Request for services: designing a visualisation tool

Request for services: designing a visualisation tool

26.1.2023 | News item

The European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, affiliated with the United Nations (HEUNI) is looking for contractor to execute work within the ELECT THB project. The project aims to enhance the identification and investigation of trafficking in human beings (THB) for sexual and labour exploitation and increase collaboration between law enforcement authorities and other key actors to combat it. This project was funded by the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police.

Expected outcome and background information:

The visualisation tool developed to assist law enforcement and prosecutors to better untangle the trafficking chain. The tool provides a way to describe the acts, actors and companies involved in a trafficking case in a visual format and can be used to summarise and present the full picture of a particular case/crime in the pre-trial investigation file and in court proceedings. The idea for developing the tool has come from LEAs themselves as a way to clarify and present complicated cases in a more accessible format, in particular during prosecution and in court. The visualisation tool will be developed in a close cooperation with LEAs and prosecutors and two meetings will be organised to first brainstorm on the format and the mandatory elements and then to collect feedback on the draft tool prepared before it will be finalised. For the context of this task, kindly familiarize yourself with similar project:

The final outcome should:

• have an appropriate format matching the needs expressed by the customers during the workshop (format is not set before the workshop, it can vary from an infograph to a service blueprint, journey map, canvas);
• be easy to use in future by the customers without any special software nor graphic design skillset; be accessible both in digital and printed out versions;
• have the required elements in order to summarise the results of investigations in a visual manner;
• be consistent with the existing design guidelines (colour scheme, use of log, etc.).


Key tasks:

• actively participate in co-creation workshops with stakeholders in order to propose the most viable solution;
• develop the concept of the visualisation tool;
•  deliver the final outcome based on the feedback.

• demonstrated history in service and strategic design;
• strong skills in conducting and synthesising research, insights and findings;
• excellent skills in structuring and visualising journey maps, service ideation, concept communication and specification;
• full working proficiency in both Finnish and English;
• previous experience of working with public servants and/or government officials is preferable.


• Send your quotes to HEUNI by 03.03.2023 in Finnish or English
• Early March – introductory meeting; signing of the Terms of Reference
• March-April: brainstorming and concept
• May: layout and feedback round
• Final outcome is submitted to HEUNI by 30.05.2023.

Budget: The overall budget for the activities cannot exceed 3000 eur. HEUNI is exempted from paying VAT/ALV.

Once applying, please send your short CV and portfolio (in Finnish or English) to our hiring team at [email protected], [email protected], using as subject: “Visualisation tool for ELECT-THB project - Name Surname / Name of the company”

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