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New tools for public procurement agencies in Finland to prevent labour exploitation in local procurement and subcontracting chains (Hankinta-Suomi - Julkisten hankintojen Strategia)

2021 - ongoing

Finland has launched a first of a kind National Public Procurement Strategy in September 2020, prepared by the Ministry of Finance and the Association of Local and Regional Authorities and municipalities, central government, tenderers, and expert organisations.

HEUNI is delighted to be part of the project's implementation and achievement of strategic objectives linked to increasing social responsibility and improving workers' rights, including human rights. During the project, HEUNI will cooperate with procurement and social responsibility experts to create practical guidance and tools for public procurement agencies to address, identify and prevent exploitation in local supply chains. The project is a continuation of HEUNI's previous work related to researching labour exploitation and human trafficking, as well as the many tools prepared for prevention. The tools will be published in Finnish, Swedish and English.

The project aims to:

  • Cooperate with key professionals to collect information on the specific challenges that procurement units face in their work in preventing labour exploitaiton. Increase awareness of risks of becoming involved in labour exploitation and trafficking in local subcontracting chains. 
  • Develop tools for public procurement units to manage risks and prevent labour exploitation in local subcontracting chains.
  • Increase and facilitate discussion on socially responsible procurement methods as part of Finland's National Public Procurement Strategy. 

For more information contact Anni Lietonen [email protected] 

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