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Review of actions against labour trafficking in Finland

Published in 2023
Anniina Jokinen, Natalia Ollus, Anna-Greta Pekkarinen

Helsinki 2023. 978-952-7249-73-4 (PDF), ISSN 2814-9106 (online)

This review examines the development, regulation and combating of labour trafficking and the exploitation of migrant labour on the basis of an extensive selection of written materials and previous literature. The review highlights findings regarding key actors, their roles, and the most significant changes that have taken place in Finland. In addition, the review briefly analyses Finnish legislation and case law and makes a comparison with other Nordic countries. Finally, an assessment of Finland's approach to tackle labour exploitation and the factors that have led to Finland's current situation is presented, and existing gaps are identified.

According to the review, Finnish authorities have in many ways a better ability to tackle labour trafficking and to support its victims than the authorities in the other Nordic countries. Finland has been able to intervene in labour exploitation at least to a certain extent, and the phenomenon has been widely recognized. On the other hand, many remaining problems have been identified, particularly with regard to pre-trial investigations and the enforcement of criminal liability. In the future there should be more consideration to the needs of victims of exploitation, even in situations where the case is not classified as human trafficking. In addition, structural multi-agency cooperation should be developed to combat labour exploitation. Structural multi-agency co-operation will help to ensure that cases of exploitation and trafficking are dealt with comprehensively, that perpetrators are brought to justice and that the rights of victims are respected.

This review was originally written in connection with the project “ Creating policy models for the police to support the planned management of multi-authority action – MOVI” of the Finnish Police University College and published in Finnish. The original report ”Katsaus työperäisen ihmiskaupan vastaisen toiminnan kehitykseen Suomessa” written by Anniina Jokinen, Natalia Ollus and Anna-Greta Pekkarinen was published in 2022 in the report series Poliisiammattikorkeakoulun katsauksia 24 and the HEUNI Report Series No. 99a in 2022. 
Access to justice Criminal justice Human trafficking Victim assistance Victims of crime

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