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Anniina Jokinen

Senior Programme Officer

"I believe that in the ever changing world where we face new structural, societal and criminological challenges and pressures, there is a growing need for flexible, victim sensitive and action-oriented criminal policies. By having an open exchange of experiences and critical reflections we can develop better policies and make a difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable."

Anniina has a Master in Sociology from University of Helsinki. She has also studied social anthropology and social history and is interested in the linkages between crime, power, and marginalized groups. She has thirteen years of experience on working on international criminal policy issues: in conducting research, developing research methods, organization of capacity building activities, and drafting of reports, guidelines and training materials for policy makers, businesses, municipalities, NGOs and other stakeholders. Anniina is also experienced in international project development, coordination and management with special focus on different EU and Nordic funding sources.

Anniina has previously worked as an Adviser for the Task Force on Trafficking in Human Beings at the Secretariat of the Council of the Baltic Sea States in Stockholm as well as eight years as a researcher at HEUNI. Her main areas of expertise include human trafficking, labour exploitation, forced marriage, prison issues, and gender-based violence.

Anniina is a firm believer in seeing the bigger picture and questioning the existing structures to first identify gaps and needs and then tailor-making policies and recommendations to address these specific issues. She sees value in collecting and sharing practices at the European and global levels wishes to strengthen the role of HEUNI in stimulating a critical, open and practice-oriented debate to further develop responses to a number of existing and emerging challenges in the field of criminal policy. 

Writings, projects and publications